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How to harness big data in the enterprise
We deal with big data and big problems. Using the very latest software technology, we help enterprises work with large sets of data.

Petabytes of data is no longer limited to large enterprises alone; small and medium enterprises are now facing the same data deluge and some amazing new opportunities to leverage this data into their offerings. Unstructured and semi structured data with categories, links and groups do not fit into traditional relational technologies and techniques. Enterprises need help to store such data, derive meaningful results and perform business analysis with this data.

At Conexis, we are working to aid such scenarios. We are working on all sorts of cool tools to integrate Hadoop and other MPP distributed data stores easily with the enterprise. We also have extensive experience with Amazon Web Services: EC2 and Elastic Map Reduce, so that high performance scalable computing can be achieved on the fly.

We offer a wide range of services to help our clients get up and running with Map Reduce. Some areas where we can help are:

1. Architecture and design for big data using Hadoop stack.

2. Setting up custom configuration clusters for Hadoop, Hive, Pig, HBase on private data centre, GoGrid, Rackspace, Amazon Elastic Cloud Compute.

3. Implementation of Map Reduce job flows using Java, Hadoop streaming, Cascading, Hive, Pig

4. Hive custom function implementation – UDFs, UDTFs, UDAFs.

5. Data warehousing and reporting for Big Data.

6. Vertical search engines using Nutch and Hadoop.

7. Logfile and Data analysis and reporting

8. Data Mining

9. Integrating Hadoop with existing systems and databases.

10. Custom indexing